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VanFayed MaMaDo :o)


Welcome to My Page!


first I wanna u to know me...Iam M.Fayed IAm studying in faculty of Engineering (Arch.Dep) in M.U.S.T...this web site is for the things I love in my life..Mohamed Mounir,Ahmed Monib,other music styles,Poems and other Arts...Hope 2 Join  ME  ;o)....ther is always new in mamado21.i8.com.

www.hassouna.i8.com (for african music & songz u wont be sorry)

My Name In The Way Of Life Is BANI ADAM

Ive a Dream of a better human being,of better living standards

Open ur Mind & in the same time Open ur Heart

KERI:mean SING in the Nubian Language so (KERI ALL THE TIME)

PEACE is the MsG I wanna send to the Life  

be defferint people always afraid from defferints

All Things About Me

EGYPT:my mother

NiLE:my father

Trees:my brothers

ana masry Gdn Gdnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Kawthar Mostfa (RARE)...Now Exclusive in www.mamado21.i8.com



Abd El-Raheem ManSour...WebSite